“Halloween Havoc” – 6ixth Element,Chino XL,Tone Spliff,Wax100


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“Halloween Havoc” by 6ixth Element,Chino XL,Tone Spliff,Wax100.

6ixth Element x Tone Spliff x Chino XL
Halloween Havoc (feat. Chino XL, Tone Spliff & Wax100)

6ixth Element, a talented hip-hop artist hailing from Denver, Colorado has recently announced the release of his latest single titled “Halloween Havoc.” The highly-anticipated track features an all-star cast of hip-hop legends including Chino XL, Tone Spliff, and Wax100.

6ixth Element, known not only for his skills as an emcee, but also as a talented producer and entrepreneur, serves as the CEO of New Golden Era. His upcoming single is set to be released on Friday, October 6th, 2023, and is expected to be a dynamic hip-hop banger that showcases the immense talent of all the featured artists.

Wax100, a renowned beatmaker, lays down the Latin-inspired production that provides a strong foundation to the track, backed by stiff boom-bap drums. Chino XL and 6ixth Element go head to head with their astonishing lyricism and themes that relate to professional wrestling superstars of the past, present, and future.

Between the verses, Tone Spliff delivers precise cuts that create a rugged hook, tying the entire track together. The upcoming single “Halloween Havoc” is a main event-level collaboration and is poised to be the perfect addition to any boom-bap playlist. With its powerful beats, exceptional lyricism, and top-notch production, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all hip-hop lovers.

“Explosive hip-hop banger featuring legendary emcee Chino XL!” 6ixth Element, a talented hip-hop artist hailing from Denver, Colorado, has teamed up with hip-hop legends Chino XL, Tone Spliff, and Wax100 for a track that’s set to blow your speakers. “Halloween Havoc” is a testament to the raw power and talent these artists bring to the table.


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  • Delivery 9
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    The submitted song exhibits a high level of craftsmanship. The nuances in the composition and arrangement are impressive. To stand out even more, consider exploring deeper emotional connections or experimenting with unique instrumental elements. This could elevate the work to a new level. 6ixth Element x Tone Spliff x Chino XL's latest release, "Halloween Havoc," is a powerful testament to the essence of hip-hop. The track, featuring Chino XL, Tone Spliff, and Wax100, takes listeners on a high-energy journey through the world of underground rap. With explosive beats and jaw-dropping lyricism, it's a must-listen for any hip-hop enthusiast.
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