Malaki - Pasta - Folded Waffle Malaki - Pasta - Folded Waffle

Malaki – Pasta


Malaki’s music is a rich tapestry of personal expression intertwined with piercing social and political commentary. He wears his heart on his sleeve, seamlessly blending his introspective nature with a keen observation of Dublin life. Tracks like “Cuppa Tea” and “Cavalier” showcase his ability to deliver tongue-in-cheek lyrics with self-aware bravado, while “Paper Prophecies” exposes the more vulnerable and unsure side of this talented wordsmith.

The production process of “Pasta” was as organic as the song itself. During their first session together, Mills laid down the piano chords that form the backbone of the track, while Malaki hummed the melody for the chorus. Within an hour, the song was complete, a testament to the seamless synergy between the artist and producer. Additional instruments were later added to enhance the track, but the core of the song remained untouched, a raw and heartfelt creation.

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