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Mastering Songwriting: Insights from Hitmaker Bryan-Michael Cox


Welcome to this EYL clip! In this exclusive interview, we dive deep into the mind of Bryan-Michael Cox, a renowned songwriter and producer who has significantly impacted the music industry. Hosted by Rashad Bilal, this episode explores the intricacies of songwriting and producing, especially when crafting hits for other artists.

Bryan-Michael Cox shares his journey from honing his craft in the early days to becoming a highly sought-after collaborator. He discusses the imaginative phase where aspiring songwriters mimic the works of renowned artists to build their skills without direct access to those musicians. Bryan emphasizes the importance of the “10,000 hours” rule, where imagination plays a crucial role in mastering the craft before entering the big leagues.

One of the pivotal moments in Bryan’s career was working with Jermaine Dupri on Usher’s iconic “You Got It Bad.” He learned the invaluable lesson that “the song is in the conversation.” This principle has driven his process for the past two decades. Bryan explains how spending time in conversations with artists helps him understand their emotions, experiences, and what they want to express through their music. This approach ensures that the songs resonate deeply with the artists, making them emotionally connected to the music they perform.

The clip also delves into Bryan’s breakthrough with Jagged Edge, where he realized his potential and began mastering his art. Songs like “He Can’t Love You” and “The Hardest Thing” marked the point where Bryan felt he was truly in the game. From his early credits to these milestone tracks, Bryan takes us on a journey of growth and discovery.

Furthermore, the financial aspects of songwriting and producing are discussed. Bryan sheds light on the often-misunderstood concept of royalties and publishing splits. He explains how credits work differently across genres, particularly comparing urban music to country music. In Nashville, for example, songs are often split evenly among collaborators, whereas, in pop and urban music, splits can vary based on contributions to lyrics and music.

This candid and informative conversation is a must-watch for aspiring songwriters, producers, and music enthusiasts. Bryan-Michael Cox’s insights into the creative process, collaboration, and the business side of music provide valuable knowledge for anyone looking to understand the dynamics of the music industry.

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