Navigating Jealousy and Staying Low-Key - Folded Waffle Navigating Jealousy and Staying Low-Key - Folded Waffle

Navigating Jealousy and Staying Low-Key


In this enlightening clip of ‘Black Out with Ian & Rashad,’ we are joined by the legendary Freeway Ricky Ross. Dive deep into a conversation that sheds light on the complex dynamics of jealousy and competition within close circles, how to maintain humility and focus amidst success, and the impactful decisions that steer life in unexpected directions.

Ricky shares candid insights from his past, including how he dealt with members of his own crew who envied his position, and the virtues of staying low-key during the height of his underground career. His philosophy on spending and investment provides invaluable lessons on financial wisdom and personal discipline.

Further into the episode, Ricky discusses the challenges of losing almost everything after a prolonged prison sentence and starting anew with resilience and a fresh perspective. The dialogue also uncovers Ricky’s venture into the legal marijuana business, the hurdles faced by black entrepreneurs in the industry, and the competitive landscape dominated by established players with deep pockets.

Whether you’re here for the gritty real-life stories or looking for wisdom on navigating life’s complex challenges, this episode is a treasure trove of real talk and practical advice.

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