Stony Boy - Trauma - Folded Waffle Stony Boy - Trauma - Folded Waffle

Stony Boy – Trauma


“Trauma” opens with a beat that immediately sets a somber tone, laying the groundwork for Stony Boy’s poignant lyrics. The track tells the story of a young boy and girl who face immense challenges from a young age, leading them down paths of addiction and mental health struggles. Stony Boy’s delivery is both powerful and vulnerable, painting a vivid picture of their battles and the critical need for love and support.

The song’s message is clear: the importance of being there for our loved ones cannot be overstated. Stony Boy emphasizes that ignoring the struggles of those around us can have devastating consequences. His lyrics serve as a poignant reminder to extend our support and compassion before it’s too late. This theme is universal, resonating with listeners from all walks of life who may have faced or are currently facing similar challenges.

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