The Time Formula: Success Only Works When You Have The Right Idea at The Right Time - Folded Waffle The Time Formula: Success Only Works When You Have The Right Idea at The Right Time - Folded Waffle

The Time Formula: Success Only Works When You Have The Right Idea at The Right Time


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Join 19Keys on ‘High Level Conversations’, the award-winning show elevating your mindset and value. In Partnership with the Earn Your Leisure network, this is the show where thought leadership meets empowerment. Each episode features luminaries like Billy Carson and Wallstreet Trapper, exploring topics from financial literacy to future tech, emotional intelligence to wellness. Our mission is to challenge, inspire, and ignite change. Be a part of this journey to reshape narratives and elevate consciousness. Dive into our diverse and dynamic content – your platform for growth and cultural empowerment.

19Keys is a visionary thinker and motivational speaker who empowers people to unlock their greatest potential. His thought leadership provides a blueprint for living life to the fullest through developing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual mastery. As a self-made polymath and visionary, he leverages his diverse expertise across metaphysics, mindfulness, business, and technology to empower millions worldwide

Having overcome his own adversity in early life, 19Keys now shares the lessons he’s learned to inspire others to transcend their circumstances and limitations. Through his businesses, books, seminars, and speaking engagements, he spreads a message of empowerment that resonates with people worldwide.

19Keys is spearheading innovation in fields from technology to digital media. His award-winning show on the Earn Your Leisure (EYL) platform “High Level Conversations” is changing the culture by providing an influential platform for showcasing longform, thought-provoking dialogues. His mind for fashion and design is displayed in his crownz society brand, and he is also co-founder of Goldewater Corp, The Block World Order (BWO), and High Lvl Media as well.

At the core of the 19Keys philosophy is the belief that we each have untapped gifts within us waiting to be discovered. By cultivating self-awareness, practicing intentional living, and opening our hearts, we can access our inner power to create the lives we desire.

With a dynamic speaking style and sage wisdom that belies his years, 19Keys has become a leading voice in the personal growth space. His teachings blend science, spirituality, and real-world insights in a powerful formula for self-transformation.

Media outlets, top businesses, and leading brands seek out 19Keys for his perspective on how we can build a better world. His uplifting message and prescriptive teachings continue to transform lives around the globe. Visit to support and learn more.

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