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Common, Pete Rock – All Kind Of Ideas (Official Music Video)


Common, Pete Rock – All Kind of Ideas:

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Visual ideation: ILLIMITÉWORLD Director: Marleaux Desiré
Creative Director: Phillip Miller

Executive Producer: Ali Ahmad

Executive Producer: Radwa Wahba

Supervising Producer: Ross Ginsberg

Producer: Max Acrish
DP: Ben Elias
1st AD: Jacqueline Eastzer Production Manager: Mark Gower
1st AC: Connor Keep
2nd AC/Loader: Sean Bentley
Gaffer: Tristan Oliveira
Key Grip: Gabe Armstrong
Swing: Eddie Lorenzo
Production Designer: Chris Bowman Art Assistant: Isabella Vizetta
Truck PA: Dumarck Barlatier
Truck PA: Brady Temple
PA: Justin De Las Cuevas
PA: Tomas Quilaqueo

Editor: Marleaux Desiré
Colorist: Cameron Marygold Production Co: The City Unlimited
Special Guest: Black Thought

I’m soul brother uno
Black from the future
Make beats on the table if I break my computer
Still make hits like i used to
keep your top 5 I’m God’s favorite producer
16 bars of pressure no metronome
Thinking outside the box that’s a better zone
So many ideas coming out the whazoo
It’s only one of me
Can never do what I do
Past present and future that is timeless
been a lot a things but never been rhymeless
drums like scattered showers when I rain man
giving you food for soul that’s the game plan
Tears for fears I said a shout out to all my peers
but I never ran out of all kinda of ideas I said
Tears for fear a shout out to all my peers
but never ran out

All kinda ideas Chorus

Rack focus
To the black Moses
That’s light skinned
A dawn like when the night end
The multi-hyphened
My stipend
Is ripened
From Chi to Big Apple
On the mic I’m Micah Parsons
Any subject I tackle
And grapple with wack dudes
And school niggas like black schools
cause they lack rules
Niggas mad cause I know that cash rules
Everything around me
Except my mind
The underground found me
And depth I find
On the railroad
I unjail souls like Harriet
Spitting chariots of fire
Through the wire
And live barb fences
I murder mc’s
Some say that its senseless
Bomber like a winter coat
Though i’ve been in the trenches
Known to go for it
Like fourth and inches
Move the chains
I maneuver through the game
My thought grab the mic like I’m on Soul Train
Foes came
Sporting fake smiles like dentures
Them monkeys been programmed
At them i throw wrenches
Hunger for the game
Your thirst never quenches
You search for mentions
I unearth dimensions
These are adventures
From Avalon benches
The real hip hop
Com came to his senses
Extensions of a man
The master planned for years
For me to bring to the world
All kinda ideas

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