“Humble Me” – Ponyc, Daphya, Bison.fc, R.cineus & Lyphe


In the realm of Hip-Hop, true power lies in unity, and Ponyc exemplifies this sentiment with their latest track, “Humble Me (feat. Daphya, Bison.fc, R.cineus & Lyphe).” Approved by Folded Waffle and released on September 14, 2023, this song is more than just music; it’s an anthem for those reaching for the stars.

Ponyc:Release: “Humble Me (feat. Daphya, Bison.fc, R.cineus & Lyphe)”Lyrics: Yes (English)Radio-Friendly Version Available Upon RequestApproved by: Folded WaffleRelease Date: September 14, 2023Released by: Pay the RappersGenre: Rap, Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop, BoomBapMoods: Aggressive, Epic, Energetic

“This is a song off of our new album ‘How To Beat a Dead Horse,’ it’s inspiring music people have to hear thank you.”

About the Song:

“Humble Me” stands tall as a triumphant ode to the unwavering spirit of human ambition. It’s a rallying cry for those audacious enough to dream beyond conventional limits. In the face of doubt and adversity, Ponyc’s pride remains unyielding, a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

About the Artists:

The Pride of NY, affectionately known as Ponyc, is a collective of veteran emcees whose individual talents combine to form a force to be reckoned with. Din Cooks, R.Cineus, Bison.FC, Daphya, Royalty, Spek Arson, Showrocka, and Star & Lyphe seamlessly merge their distinct styles, creating a body of work that can only be described as art in its purest form. This supergroup’s debut offering, “How to Beat a Dead Horse,” boasts ten tracks of unadulterated fire, showcasing intricate wordplay, impeccable lyricism, and masterful songwriting. It’s a collective experience that will captivate both seasoned hip-hop enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

In “Humble Me,” Ponyc doesn’t just deliver a song; they unleash an anthem that resonates with the determined and unyielding spirit within us all. It’s a reminder that no goal is too high to reach, no dream too grand to chase.

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