JP Reynolds x The PEACEANDPOWER Band “Ready or Not”


With a career spanning seven years, Reynolds has consistently pushed boundaries, blending genres and narratives into a musical experience that is nothing short of epic. Born Rodney Jeremiah Reynolds, his journey through faith and music has shaped him into a true storyteller. His latest offering, “Ready or Not,” in collaboration with The PEACEANDPOWER Band, is a testament to his artistry and dedication.

JP Reynolds’ upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio, marked the beginning of his musical odyssey. Born against the odds, his parents’ faith and his early exposure to the baptist church laid the foundation for his spiritual connection to music. It was in Mt. Vernon, NY, that he honed his skills, playing the saxophone and immersing himself in both church and school music programs. The influence of Lauryn Hill’s iconic album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” left an indelible mark, shaping his vision of hip-hop as a medium for profound storytelling and spiritual resonance.

As he navigated his teenage years, JP faced the complexities of code-switching, straddling different worlds while maintaining his identity. His daily commute, soundtracked by legends like Jay-Z, OutKast, and Kanye West, laid the groundwork for what would become his unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, funk, gospel, and soul – a concoction he fondly refers to as “rap gumbo.”

JP’s academic journey led him to Yale University, where he officially embarked on his musical career in 2009. It was here that he recognized the power of live instrumentation to amplify his lyrical prowess. With a poetic cadence reminiscent of John Coltrane and the electric presence of Tina Turner, JP Reynolds commands the stage, infusing his performances with a vitality that is truly magnetic.

In 2017, he joined forces with Musical Director and Bassist, Criston Oates, to form The Peace and Power Band. This ensemble, comprising drums, guitar, keys, and an all-women’s horn section, creates a sound that seamlessly bridges the past and the future. Their performances have graced iconic venues and events, from the Apollo Theater Soundstage to South by Southwest, leaving audiences in awe of their transcendent energy.

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  • Originality9
  • Lyrical Content7
  • Production Quality9
  • Delivery8
  • Message7
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    The submitted song exhibits a high level of craftsmanship. The nuances in the composition and arrangement are impressive. To stand out even more, consider exploring deeper emotional connections or experimenting with unique instrumental elements. This could elevate the work to a new level. In "Ready or Not," JP Reynolds and The PEACEANDPOWER Band deliver a sonic journey that transcends conventional boundaries. Their mastery of live instrumentation adds an electrifying layer to an already impactful narrative. As the song pulsates through your veins, it's evident that this is not just music; it's a spiritual experience. For future endeavors, perhaps delving even deeper into the emotional reservoirs and experimenting with unconventional instruments could unlock new dimensions to explore.
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