LAN Party “Truth Be Told”


LAN Party is an American Pop and Hip Hop artist born on the East Coast. With 2 solo projects and 1 collaborative project under their belt, LAN Party’s music is a unique blend of Pop/Folk and Hip Hop. Each track is a testament to their artistry and creative vision.

“Truth Be Told” is a powerful narrative about feeling like an outsider in the world of hip hop. LAN Party confronts the prevailing trends that often lack substance and depth. The song is a journey of internal struggle, ultimately leading to a triumphant resolution in the second verse, reflecting the artist’s confidence in their abilities and content.

Waffle Reviews

  • Originality8
  • Lyrical Content9
  • Production Quality9
  • Delivery7
  • Message8
  • 8.2


    To further distinguish your work, consider delving even deeper into emotional connections and experimenting with unique instrumental elements. These additions could elevate your compositions to a new level of impact and resonance. Ponyc x Royalty x Bison x Showrocka's latest release, "Flame It," is a powerful testament to the essence of hip-hop. The track, featuring Bison.fc, Royalty, and Showrocka, takes listeners on a journey back to the roots of the genre. The hard-hitting drum samples and razor-sharp punchlines evoke the spirit of rhyming on street corners and stoops, a nostalgic nod to the foundation of hip-hop culture.
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