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Omniscence – I’m On Mine


The long-awaited release of Omniscence’s “The Raw Factor” is here, and with it comes the standout single “I’m On Mine.” For fans of 90s hip-hop, this is a moment of pure nostalgia and sheer excitement. Omniscence, a name synonymous with lyrical dexterity and gritty realism, brings his unique style back to the forefront, proving that true hip-hop never fades away.

Rediscovering a Lost Gem

Originally slated for release in March 1996, “The Raw Factor” was a casualty of the often tumultuous music industry politics. Despite the buzz generated by singles like “Amazin’” and “Touch Y’all,” the full album was shelved, leaving a void in the hearts of hip-hop aficionados. Fast forward 28 years, and Below System Records has finally unearthed this treasure, offering it in deluxe formats including vinyl, CD, and digital, complete with bonus and unreleased tracks.

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