“3:33 AM IN EDMONTON” – Trip J, Real Luxx



Trip J, a Canadian Rapper, R&B Singer, and Producer, emerges as a dynamic force in the music industry. With roots in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Trip J’s latest release, “3:33 AM IN EDMONTON,” is a testament to his passion for creating greatness. The track, under New Atlanta Progress Nêst Frontier, delves into Gangsta Rap, offering a dark, moody, and aggressive vibe.

“3:33 AM IN EDMONTON” is a passionate ode to the creation of greatness in the heart of New Atlanta (Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta). Trip J crafts an anthem for Alberta, encapsulating the essence of the region’s capital city. The track, reminiscent of Drake’s style, explores the AM/PM sounds, setting the stage for an upcoming tape in early 2024. With controversial, raw, and vibrant energy, the song paints a bold vision and commitment to its fruition.

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