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KALEO – Rock N Roller (Official Visualizer)


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You say you wanted to be
just a Rock N Roller
Now you’re money is gone
You’ve got nothing to show for

You leave nothing behind
and you know that it’s over
You want to beat them all
Do you have what it takes son,
What it takes son

Rock N Roller

I won’t work for the man
I won’t think like a soldier
You tell your mama so
But she says you’re a joker
You’re a joker

You’ve been waiting in line
You’ve been waiting a long time
Sweet Rock N Roller

My, my Rock N Roller

Come on boy, get it on

Start me in a flash
You start me up in no time now
The day when nothing goes
The day when nothing goes right

Cold blooded like a reptile
But you wanted more,
Didn’t you child?

You’re going to wait a while
Before you get what you came for
What you came for

You been working a man to the bone
I’m ready to go
I’m ready to show my Rock N Roller

Let’s do it one more time

Rock N Roller

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