Major E*TRADE Shutdown, GameStop Surges 75%, and Financial Trust Issues - Folded Waffle Major E*TRADE Shutdown, GameStop Surges 75%, and Financial Trust Issues - Folded Waffle

Major E*TRADE Shutdown, GameStop Surges 75%, and Financial Trust Issues


In this clip of Market Mondays, hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, and Rashad Bilal delve into the surprising events that transpired on May 13. Firstly, Ian and the team discuss the unexpected shutdown of E*TRADE’s platform, leaving thousands of users unable to access their accounts for hours. The hosts critically analyze whether this was a coincidence or a deliberate move by the brokerage firm, considering the context of GameStop’s 75% surge the same day. Rashad brings up a poignant point about the existing distrust in financial institutions, particularly in immigrant communities and lower-income areas like the Bronx. He recounts a story of a financial literacy curriculum being introduced in schools, highlighting the skepticism among students whose parents already distrust the American banking system.

The Market Mondays team further debates the broader questions surrounding financial investment. Should people trust financial markets when even well-established platforms can go down unexpectedly? Ian argues that while there is a justified mistrust, investing remains crucial due to increasing inflation rates and the devaluation of currency. He emphasizes the importance of education in understanding financial markets, urging viewers to read disclosures and protect their investments proactively.

When discussing GameStop’s sudden spike, Rashad points out the difference between meme stocks and blue-chip stocks, questioning the safety of investments influenced by social media versus those impacted by economic and technical catalysts. The conversation shifts to global implications, such as potential smear campaigns from countries like China and Russia targeting major corporations, and how these could affect stock prices. Ian stresses the reliability of investing in dominant firms like Vanguard and BlackRock, which have diverse holdings that create a safety net against such malicious activities.

Ending on a practical note, Rashad and Ian outline strategies to mitigate risks in investing. Rashad compares investing to other life decisions, like marriage, where complete certainty is impossible. He advises diversification in assets to reduce exposure to risks. Both hosts agree that while no investment is entirely foolproof, opting for safer options like S&P 500 or ETFs is a practical approach. The discussion underscores the importance of staying informed and educated about one’s investments to navigate the volatile financial landscape effectively.

Join us for an insightful conversation on trust, risk management, and practical investment advice. Ensure your financial decisions are well-informed and grounded in solid knowledge.

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