N$N Klippa – “Show Me Sumn” (Lyric Video)


N$N Klippa, formerly known as E.klips Da Hustla, hails from Sacramento, CA, with an impressive musical journey spanning over two and a half decades. A versatile artist, he wears multiple hats as a producer, rapper, and engineer. N$N Klippa proudly operates under his independent record label, “Mack-Town Entertainment.” Follow, like, and share to stay tuned into his musical odyssey.

“Show Me Sumn” by N$N Klippa is an original piece encapsulating the essence of Sacramento and the Northern California vibe. Positioned in the realm of mob music, this track brings a unique flavor to the rap genre. The artist’s distinctive style and the track’s authenticity mark it as an original piece that resonates with the rich musical heritage of the region.

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  • Originality5
  • Lyrical Content5
  • Production Quality7
  • Delivery5
  • Message6
  • 5.6


    The submitted song exhibits solid potential with engaging elements. For future submissions, consider refining the mix to enhance the essence of each instrument, creating a more immersive listening experience for the audience.
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