“On Me” – Arlo Maverick, Dirt Gritie


Arlo Maverick, a 2023 WCMA Nominee, is a dynamic Hip-Hop artist known for moving his fans both physically and emotionally. His music delves into relatable and timely topics, ranging from dating with trust issues to generational wealth and healing after the loss of a loved one. Arlo’s unique style incorporates elements of Afro Beats, Gospel, Soul, and EDM, with Hip-Hop always at the core. His wit and wordplay, showcased in musical scores, have garnered attention globally, with airplay in countries like the US and Japan, features in publications such as Noisey and Exclaim!, and charting on national campus radio charts like CMJ and Earshot.

Stepping away from hip-hop’s traditional setup, Arlo integrates a live band into his performances, creating a symbiotic exchange with the audience. His live shows have led to headlining festivals, opening for hip-hop icons, and international travels to places like the UK and South Korea. Currently, Arlo is gearing up for the release of his new album, “Blue Collar,” a social commentary addressing the challenges faced by the working class.

“On Me” by Arlo Maverick featuring Dirt Gritie is a captivating piece that resonates with old-school Hip-Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop, and BoomBap influences. Released under Music For Mavericks, the track creates a chill vibe, providing a unique auditory experience. The song explores diverse themes, mirroring Arlo’s commitment to delivering music that connects with listeners on various levels.

Waffle Reviews

  • Originality7
  • Lyrical Content5
  • Production Quality6
  • Delivery6
  • Message7
  • 6.2


    While "On Me" showcases solid potential, a bit more focus on enhancing the lyrical content could elevate the overall impact. Consider exploring deeper themes or experimenting with storytelling elements to enrich the listening experience.
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