Wildcard - Taurus Jacket (prod. by C-Lance) - Folded Waffle Wildcard - Taurus Jacket (prod. by C-Lance) - Folded Waffle

Wildcard – Taurus Jacket (prod. by C-Lance)


West Coast rapper Wildcard has delivered yet another powerful track with “Taurus Jacket,” the latest installment in his Zodiac-theme singles series. With production by frequent collaborator C-Lance, this song is a menacing banger that combines personal history with astrological inspiration.

“Taurus Jacket” draws from Wildcard’s childhood experiences growing up in the ‘90s. Reflecting on the past, he recalls being advised against wearing certain sports teams’ apparel to avoid trouble. Now, as an adult, he revels in his freedom to express himself however he pleases. This sentiment is encapsulated in his satirical lyrics about buying a “Bulls jacket and a gun” with his first rap check, a bold statement of defiance and self-empowerment.

The track is saturated with Wildcard’s signature feral punchlines and clever wordplay. C-Lance’s raucous production provides the perfect backdrop for Wildcard’s slick bars, which take aim at everything from his competition to past relationships. The tongue-in-cheek tone of “Taurus Jacket” highlights Wildcard’s playful yet aggressive approach to his music, making it clear that he’s having a blast while delivering his hard-hitting verses.

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